Brent Corrigan gets fucked by Sean Zevran in “Jacked” at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios: Brent Corrigan is back - getting fucked Sean Zevran in "Jacked"
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After a four-year break, Brent Corrigan has returned to the world of gay porn with a hunky, muscled body and confidence to match.

Check out his comeback scene alongside Sean Zevran at

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Falcon Edge’s “Stunners” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Falcon Edge's "Stunners"
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Falcon Edge writes at

“These studly men like hard big cocks inside their asses and they like it rough!”

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Sean Zevran bangs Johnny V in “Dirty Fuckers” at HotHouse

Hot House: Sean Zevran fucks Johnny V in "Dirty Fuckers" writes:

“Exclusives Sean Zevran and Johnny V have what are arguably the best muscle physiques in porn today. Giant pecs, bulging biceps, ripped abs, rock hard cocks and asses – these guys are prime specimens of the male form.

And they are nasty fuckers who live lives focused on sexual pleasure!”

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Adam Ramzi and Sean Zevran’s hot flip-fuck in Falcon Studios’ “Stunners”

Falcon Studios: Sean Zevran and Adam Ramzi flip fuck in "Stunners" writes:

“Sean Zevran is a stunning example of man, sexy face, sculpted, hairy and musclebound with an incredible 8-inch cock and ass for days.

Adam Ramzi delivers fashion model looks with a lean, toned body, fine ass and sizable cock.

After they each put themselves on display, they join together in an intense exchange. Adam takes his mark, gets set and goes straight for Sean’s undeniable ass. It begs to be eaten, licked and explored, and Adam expertly claims it. Sean’s meaty cock also deserves attention and Adam gives it its due, gulping it down relentlessly.

The energy builds as they connect in a wild 69 that has them both gasping for breath and wanting more.

With both men standing, Sean bends over to let Adam fuck his fine hole. With feverish gropes and grabs and slams and rams, they are in sync and both have the sweat of sex dripping off them.

Without missing a beat the tables turn and Adam find himself on his back taking Sean’s huge cock deep inside him.

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Sean Zevran gets fucked by Austin Wolf and Romeo Alfono in “Welcome to L.A., Episode 3 (Silverlake)” at RandyBlue

Randy Blue: Austin Wolf, Romeo Alfono and Sean Zevran's hot threeway in “Welcome to L.A., Episode 3 (Silverlake)”
Randy Blue: Austin Wolf, Romeo Alfono and Sean Zevran's hot threeway in “Welcome to L.A., Episode 3 (Silverlake)”

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“Austin Wolf takes a drive in Silverlake and ends up in a threesome with two gogo dancers.

Sean Zevran and Romeo Alfonso are happy to continue their lap dance after the bar closes and Romeo and Austin take turns fucking Sean senseless.”

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Sean Zevran bangs Lance Alexander at RandyBlue

Randy Blue: Sean Zevran pounds Lance Alexander
Randy Blue: Sean Zevran pounds Lance Alexander

Randy Blue writes:

“There is nothing sexier than two hot slabs of man meat catching some rays. Sean and Lance lay out in the sun as the beads of sweat slowly drip down their bulging muscles. The two start feeling each other up and things begin to get heated. As they kiss in the hot LA sun, they start to get hard. They decide to take it inside before anyone catches them.

Inside they begin to suck each other. Sean is first as he pulls out that massive fire hose that Lance has attached to him. Sean sucks it with delight. Lance returns the favor and starts to suck on Sean. Lance lets Sean slide his dick in and out of his throat. Lance wants to feel that dick slide in and out of his ass.

But first Sean needs to get it nice and lubed up. He bends Lance over the couch and starts to eat his ass out. Lance moans in delight until he begs Sean to stick it in him. Sean gets the condom on and slams it in. Lance screams in a hot mix of pain and pleasure.

Next Sean sits on the couch and lets Lance ride his massive shaft. He pumps into him harder and harder. Finally he gets Lance on his back and fucks the cum out of him. Then Sean pulls out and nuts all over his ass. They begin to kiss in the afterglow, exhausted from such a hot fuck session.”

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RandyBlue: Kai Madison fucks Sean Zevran

Randy Blue: Kai Madison fucks Sean Zevran
Randy Blue: Kai Madison fucks Sean Zevran

Randy Blue writes:

“Sean is one cocky mother fucker. But if anyone can teach him a lesson, it is Kai Madison. Both are convinced that they are going to top in this scene and decide to have a push up contest to see who will fuck who. All the bravado in the world was not enough to help Sean. After trying to adjust his arms, Kai called him out on a technicality, and declared himself the winner.

Before Sean could put up a fight, Kai shut up him by shoving his tongue down his throat. He then bent Sean over and started eating his ass. Then he shoved his dick right in and fucked Sean while bent over the exercise ball.

Next Kai pulled out and started to suck off Sean. Sean got excited and ended up shooting all over Kai. Kai ate his cum down and then told Sean to suck on his dick. After Sean sucked Kai off and got his dick nice and hard, Kai stuck it back up Sean on the pull up station.

Finally Sean spread his legs open on his back on the workout bench and Kai fucked the cum out of him. Then Kai pulled and shot a rocket of cum all over Sean. Kai asked if Sean lost on purpose. All I know for sure is that we all won!”

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Adrian Hart gets fucked by Sean Zevran and Robert Craig at RandyBlue

Randy Blue: Sean Zevran and Robert Craig tag team , Adrian Hart

Randy Blue writes:

“Adrian and Robert were scheduled for a duo scene. I was looking through our back catalogue and realized we never had two black guys together in the same scene. And I wanted to remedy that.

Adrian has an amazing bubble butt that would look great being pounded by that anaconda on Robert. Sean was in town for another scene, but once he saw Adrian and Robert he begged me to turn our all black duo into an all black threesome. All I had to say was hell to the yes. I got the three of them in the studio and they just went right at it.

Adrian got to his knees and started to service both Robert and Sean. From that point on it was a frenzy of passion and fucking. Everyone was blowing everyone. There was slobber and sweat over every inch of dick in this scene. Then the boys lined up in a train and rimmed the hell out of each other.

Finally Robert wanted a crack at Adrian and his hot tight ass. Adrian sucked off Sean while he got fucked by Robert. Then Sean slapped on a condom and Adrian rode his gigantic cock. Robert sucked on Adrian while Sean penetrated in and out of him. Then Robert stuck it in Adrian again and fucked the cum out of him.

Then Sean busted, letting Adrian swallow down all his man juice. Finally Robert went over the edge and nutted all over Adrian, covering his ass with white hot cum. They ended it all with a hot three way make out session. These three are spent, and by the end of the video, I bet you will be too.”

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Sean Zevran fucks Andrew Jakk at RandyBlue

RandyBlue: Andrew Jakk gets fucked by Sean Zevran
RandyBlue: Andrew Jakk gets fucked by Sean Zevran

Randy Blue writes:

“Andrew Jakk is playing photographer today at Randy Blue. He gets to document one of the most exquisite physiques ever to grace the pages of our site, Mr. Sean Zevran.

Everything seems to be going fine, until Andrew decides to help oil Sean up. Once Andrew gets his hands on those hard pecs and washboard abs, all protocol starts to go out the window. What starts out as a legitimate photo shoot, starts to get dirty.

Sean lowers his underwear and dares Andrew to touch his ass. It is time to end the ruse, and toss the camera aside. Andrew swallows all 9 inches and makes Sean moan. Sean realizes that Andrew is up for anything, so he proceeds to rim his ass and prepare it for the pounding of a lifetime.

Sean fucks Andrew on his back, then flips him over for a reverse wheelbarrow position that is too hot to believe. Then Andrew starts to ride Sean cowboy style until he fucks the cum out of Andrew. Sean licks it up and does some hot snowballing action until Sean goes over the edge and unloads his spunk right into Andrew’s mouth.

Looks like another photo successful photo session at Randy Blue.”

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Adi Hadad fucks Sean Zevran at RandyBlue

Randy Blue writes:

“Two excellent performers, Adi Hadad and Sean Sevran are perfect together as they let their sexual juices flow. Even being fairly new, Adi has mastered the art of sucking cock and gives Sean a blowjob like no other.

But there is something so hot about a 69, almost like you are sucking your own dick, feeling the warm mouth engulf your rock hard member as your own mouth is filled with the taste of sweat and precum. These two are lost in their own little world while simultaneously going down on each other.

Then Adi switches things up a bit by going down on the hot bubble butt that Sean has. Licking his ass just gets Sean ready for a good fucking so when Adi plunged his hard throbbing cock deep into his hungry hole he was more than ready.

Adi fucks Sean in several positions before dumping a nice hot load all over his face.”

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