Dark Alley Media’s “Desperate Householes 2” at NakedSword

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Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Can these Desperate Householes ever be satisfied? Will their yearning for cock and cum ever be quenched?

Shane Frost does his best, grabbing a tight hold of hot Latin hole Armond Rizzo and man-handling him into sucking his huge cock. He flips Armond around in every position imaginable and fucks his hole till he spews all over it.

But Armond’s muscle hole is still hungry when Troy Moreno swings by, waving his impressive black cock in Armond’s face. Troy pounds the living hell out of his eager young ass before spewing a load of sweet jizz all over him.

Hole-Pleaser and resident Italian stallion Nick Moretti meets Dylan Saunders and immediately owns his ass. It’s not long before Nick serves up a nice thick load on Dylan’s hot hole.

Turns out, Dylan’s not be satisfied either, a problem which Shane Frost tries to remedy with the full 8.5 inches of monster Monty. Horny Dylan proves to be down to fuck, and before you know it, Shane’s cock is being worshipped and Dylan’s ass is getting tongue-fucked. It’s only inevitable that Shane will take his monster cock and tear up Dylan’s ass.

Last but not least, the smell of gang bang is in the air when hot and hung tops Dayton O’ Connor, Shay Michaels, and Adam Russo wreak havoc on Tate Ryder’s asshole. One by One they use his mouth and take turns plowing his big, hot ass, doing their best to match their pounding with the desperate hunger of Tate’s juicy bubble butt. Tate takes two at a time proving that perhaps he is truly the most Desperate of these Holes.

Tune into this final episode of the Desperate Householes to see if these horny bottoms will finally drink their fill or be left clamoring for more…”

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Dark Alley Media’s “Desperate Householes” at NakedSword

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Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Life behind closed doors is about to be fully revealed as the exploits of hungry bottoms craving big cock is exposed in Desperate Householes.”

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Brad Kalvo barebacks Shay Michaels at BreedMeRaw

BreedMeRaw: Brad Kalvo barebacks Shay Michaels

Check out big, beefy and hairy studs Shay Michaels and Brad Kalvo in this hot bareback scene at BreedMeRaw.com.

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Dakota Wolfe gets fucked by muscle hunk Shay Michaels at HotDadsHotLads

Hot Dads Hot Lads: Muscle hunk Shay Michaels fucks Dakota Wolfe

HotDadsHotLads.com writes:

“Scruffy dad Shay Michaels and cute lad Dakota Wolfe make out. Dakota can feels Shay’s boner through his jeans and the shirts come off in seconds. Dakota kisses Shay’s muscular and hairy body all over, paying special attention to his hot pits.

The lad works his way down and sucks Shay’s thick rod. The men get fully undressed and Dakota shows Shay his round ass. Shay fingers and rims the lad’s tight hole. Dakota sits on the couch and Shay blows his hung cock. The young stud stands so Shay can suck his cock deeper.

Shay buries his face in Dakota’s ass for one last bite before plunging his daddy dick inside the lad’s wet hole. They fuck doggy style on the couch and Dakota moans as he’s pounded. Dakota rides Shay’s cock on the couch, excitedly bouncing his juicy booty on the long, stiff pole. Shay fucks Dakota on his back and plugs his hole perfectly.

Shay Michaels pulls out and cums on the lad’s cock and balls. Dakota Wolfe jacks until shooting a huge load on himself. Shay rubs the hot cum around on Dakota’s body and they share a kiss.”

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Ray Nicks gets fucked by Shay Michaels in TitanMen’s “Worked Over”

TitanMen: Shay Michaels pounds Ray Nicks in "Worked Over"

TitanMen.com writes:

“Tall Ray Nicks stands on the porch admiring the scenery when muscle man Shay Michaels approaches—kissing him and taking him inside. Ray licks down Shay’s bod, engulfing his cock after it pops out of his jeans.

Shay fucks his face, Ray gasping for air before he gets a dick whipping on his face. They kiss, Shay working on the bulge in Ray’s trunks—then sucking it to the thick base as a low shot looks up at Ray’s toned bod. Shay eats him out as he grabs Ray’s ass, slapping it before fucking him doggie style.

Shay fucks faster and gets more verbal, planting his hand in the middle of the bottom’s back as his balls bang Ray’s ass.

“Sit on my dick!” demands the top, Ray soon mounting him and moaning as his hard cock bobs up and down. Shay grips the bottom’s waist and plows him from below, then fucks him over the couch before squirting on his ass — fingering the bottom as Ray jacks out a load that land’s on Shay’s hairy forearm.”

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Hairy muscle stud Charles jerks off at SeanCody

Sean Cody: Hairy muscle stud Charles
Sean Cody: Hairy muscle stud Charles
Sean Cody: Hairy muscle stud Charles

Check out the new Sean Cody solo video with muscle stud Charles, who shows off his furry body and his ever-hard cock.

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Sean Cody

Shay Michaels fucks Dylan Knight at JakeCruise

Jake Cruise: Shay Michaels fucks Dylan Knight
Jake Cruise: Shay Michaels fucks Dylan Knight

JakeCruise.com writes:

“Coach Shay Michaels is ready to go over his new hurdle strategy, but first Dylan Knight needs some physical attention. Dylan has a cramp so Shay massages Dylan’s legs, paying special attention to his upper thighs and bubble butt. It turns out that Dylan doesn’t have his jock on and his big balls are bursting out.

It’s not long before they find themselves making out in each others arms. Dylan’s huge cock sticks out of his shorts and pokes against Shay’s firm body. Dylan goes down on Shay and deep throats his thick dick.

Shay eats Dylan’s ass on top of the desk and plunges his cock deep inside. Coach Shay loosens Dylan’s tight hole with his dick and begins pounding faster. Dylan leans against the desk and lets his coach suck his gigantic rod. Shay sucks every inch like a pro. He slides his cock back in Dylan’s ass and fucks him hard.

Dylan Knight rides Shay’s dick before shooting a hefty load on his face. Shay Michaels returns the favor by releasing a thick nut on Dylan’s cock. Great Teamwork!”

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Jake Cruise

JakeCruise: Kyler Ash gets fucked by muscle stud Shay Michaels

Jake Cruise: Shay Michaels fucks Kyler Ash

Jake Cruise writes:

“In the showers of the local gym young and hung Kyler Ash soaps up muscle daddy Shay Michaels. Kyler passes the soap through Shay’s chest hair, abs and balls. Kyler lathers up Shay’s bubble ass and thick cock. Shay takes the soap from Kyler and soaps up his smooth, young, toned body.

Once they’re all clean Kyler gets down on his knees and takes Shay’s cock into his hungry mouth. He works on Shay’s cock and balls, getting him hard as a rock. Kyler turns Shay around and digs into his hairy hole with his warm tongue.

Shay has Kyler sit on a ledge while he swallows Kyler’s cock. He lifts up Kyler’s legs and spits on his tight boy hole. Shay eats the ass until it’s wet enough for his huge cock. Shay pushes his thick daddy dick slowly into Kyler’s ass while Kyler legs are up in the air.

Kyler gets on all fours on the floor and Shay slips his cock in. Kyler moans as Shay’s dick slides in and out of his tight young hole. Shay sits down and Kyler Ash rides his cock hard until he shoots his thick load on the shower room floor.

Kyler gets on his knees and prepares to take Shay’s load. In a fit of ecstasy Shay Michaels shoots his warm load all over young Kyler’s face.”

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TitanMen’s “Pornstar: The Best of Jessy Ares”

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TitanMen.com writes:

“One of the most multi-talented TitanMen of the past decade, Jessy Ares set the screen ablaze with his fashion model looks, perfect physique and his ability to fuck like a madman!

This performer burst onto the scene and immediately become one of the most watched men in gay porn!

Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together in a limited edition DVD. Pornstar: The Best of Jessy Ares features six of his very best scenes with hours of ass-pounding action starring TitanMen Spencer Reed, Shay Michaels, JR Matthews, Adam Killian, Alessio Romero and more.

Don’t miss this silver-throated Pornstar in his best scenes ever!”

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Shay Michaels fucks Derek Parker at CocksureMen

CocksureMen: Shay Michaels fucks Derek Parker
CocksureMen: Shay Michaels fucks Derek Parker

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Shay Michaels and Derek Parker are two hairy hunks who can’t wait to fuck.

They start off passionately making out on the edge of the bed. They quickly take each other’s shirts off and Derek’s tongue goes straight for Shay’s pits. They both stand up and strip off their pants. Derek gets on his knees, Shay’s hard cock slipping into his warm and hungry mouth. Shay pushes Derek onto the bed where they take turns swallowing each other’s stiff cocks down their throats.

Derek gets on his hands and knees, his ass up high in the air. Shay spreads his smooth ass open and licks Derek’s tight hole. Once Shay has gotten Derek’s ass wet and ready, Shay slips his cock into Derek’s ass. Shay pounds Derek doggy-style then Derek rides Shay’s hard cock. Shay spreads Derek’s ass cheeks as he pumps his throbbing cock in and out of Derek’s tight hole.

Shay fucks Derek in the missionary position until Derek blasts his thick load onto his chiseled abs. Shay bends over, licks Derek’s cum up and spits it into Derek’s mouth. They kiss passionately.

The cum swapping gets Shay Michaels close, he sits up and jerks his dick until he cums on Derek. Shay scoops up some of the cum with his hand and puts it into Derek Parker’s mouth. What a hot treat.”

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