Brett Bradley bangs Cam Christou at TimTales

TimTales: Brett Bradley slams Cam Christou writes:

“Brett is your friendly guy next door (if you live in Florida), always up for a good time and a skateboard ride to the beach. You know him from a previous video already.

In this episode he meets Cam Christou, one of the most talented newcomers we have seen in the last months.

It was one of the moments when two guys come together and everything is perfect. Great chemistry, both very horny, can’t wait to fuck. Cam had to stop Brett a few times because he would simply have come without touching his cock.

The two really had fun and it was fun shooting that.

A nice one. Enjoy!”

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Tim Kruger fucks Allen King’s tight ass at TimTales

TimTales: Allen King rides Tim Kruger's big cock writes:

“Now this is really something nice! Spain’s hottest newcomer in his first scene on Timtales.

Allen King is an Angel. No other way to describe his smile, his eyes, his sweet and sexy looks. At the same time he has a friendly and open personality, so it was so much fun to have him here in our apartment for a joyful afternoon.

And of course we have booked him right away for another shoot.

Now lean back and enjoy his video. Que guapo! :)”

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Rogan Richards pounds Veles at TimTales

TimTales: Rogan Richards slams Veles writes:

“The Clash of the Titans. Our two biggest muscle guys in a freestyle match. Rogan Richards, dominant Aussie top crashes into Veles, our East European Hercules.

Rogan starts surprisingly tender, but keeps on increasing the power until he rocks all the weight of muscle giant Veles.

Our beefiest scene so far!”

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Matt Stevens gets pounded by Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Matt Stevens

Grobes of writes:

“Younger man with huge cock fucks muscle daddy. One of my favourite themes.

We saw Matt in Florida and man, this guy really has a perfect body! Thick muscles, great chest, big arms, hot ass. Tim likes that a lot, me too, so we all enjoyed that afternoon in Miami when Matt got fucked on the bed, at the window and in the bathroom.”

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Venom gets pounded by Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger slams Venom writes:

“Tim and Venom actually met on a dating site when we were in Florida. They were talking about a date first and then Tim was asking then if he would like to have that date in front of our camera. Venom always wanted to be in porn so he said yes and we met him already next day in Fort Lauderdale.

So what you see in this episode is this young man’s first appearance in porn and that he is actually made for it.

Great Bottom, great Top, great Scene.”

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Brett Bradley fucks his boyfriend Trit Tyler bareback at TimTales

TimTales: Brett Bradley barebacks his boyfriend Trit Tyler writes:

“Another video we brought home from our trip to Florida.

Brett and Trit came around on their longboards to show what they got in front of our camera. They are a couple and so we had the pleasure to watch them having sex bareback.

Brett plays in the league of extraordinary gentlemen. He is the proud owner of a real XXL monstercock. And he knows how to use it!”

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Tomy Hawk gets pounded by Rogan Richards at TimTales

TimTales: Rogan Richards slams Tomy Hawk

Muscle hunk Rogan Richards is back in a sweaty TimTales episode with Cuban athlete Tomy Hawk.

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Paco gets pounded by Damian Boss at TimTales

TimTales: Damian Boss pounds Paco
TimTales: Damian Boss pounds Paco writes:

“Two young bearded hairy men showing some wonderful fucking in our latest movie.

One of them is Damian Boss who has become famous for his fucking skills and his limitless stamina. His partner is Paco, our new Uber-Bottom from Italy.

He was so horny and wanted to get fucked hard. So he took from Damian what he needed and Damian was more than willing to satisfy the italian hairy hunk.”

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Tomy Hawk slams Veles at TimTales

TimTales: Tomy Hawk slams Veles
TimTales: Tomy Hawk slams Veles writes:

“This week’s video is pure eye candy.

We got so many requests to get young muscle hunk Veles back in front of our camera that we decided to fly him over from Slowenia. We needed someone who could take up with this big and strong guy and we remembered that Tomy Hawk is a good top and strong like a bear.

Veles’ huge muscle body is not easy to handle but Tomy knows what he is doing and manages to fuck Veles to pure ecstasy. To watch the two in the light of the setting sun that was shining through our big windows is a real pleasure.”

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Pablo Bravo rides Tim Kruger’s big cock at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Pablo Bravo writes:

“Pablo Bravo just arrived in Europe from South America and first thing he wanted was a big thick cock in his ass and that’s exactly what he got.

First Tim enjoys a nice and slow blowjob and then he turns Pablo around to stick his monster up Pablo’s tight hole. Tim is starting nice with him but then fucks harder and harder and you can see in Pablo’s face it’s a mix of joy and pain. Just as it should be ;-)”

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