Fostter Riviera creams newcomer Fabio Toba at TimTales

TimTales: Newcomer Fabio Toba gets his hole creamed by Fostter Riviera and his 9-inch cock

Newcomer Fabio Toba bottoms raw for Fostter Riviera and his big, thick cock at

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Mario Domenech gets fucked by Eduardo Picasso and his enormous cock at TimTales

TimTales: Mario Domenech gets fucked by Eduardo Picasso and his 12-inch cock writes:

“Flashback to Eduardo Picasso’s first ever shoot with Timtales. Oldie but goodie.

I ended up releasing this scene since Tim loves it. We teamed up the biggest, most massive cock with an expert bottom.

Mario Domenech couldn’t believe his eyes (and mouth). It’s the biggest cock he ever took and probably will ever take!”

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Big-dicked Devon Lebron pounds Louis Ricaute raw at TimTales

TimTales: Louis Ricaute takes Devon Lebron's massive cock bareback

Louis Ricaute gets his hole stretched by Devon Lebron and his 10-inch cock at

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Big-dicked Caio Veyron pounds Diego Reyes at TimTales writes:

“Timtales Exclusive Caio Veyron fucks the hell out of Diego Reyes

He meets a strong bottom with heavy built that can take his massive cock without breaking. And this time, Caio doesn’t hold back.

He fucks Diego as hard as he likes and dangerously deep. Turns out, Diego loves to be dominated.

Don’t miss Caio’s epic cumshot all over Diego’s mouth and face. There’s enough cum to drown someone :)”

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Damien Crosse gets slammed by Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Damien Crosse writes:

“We got quite the improvised update this week. Tim met Damien Crosse at Circuit Barcelona and brought him home for a fuck fest.

I just had time to set up a light, turn on the camera and they were already fucking. And fucking they did… Damien was in complete ecstasy gasping for air while getting fuck by Tim’s massive cock.

The room smelled cigarette, sweat and cum. Damien ended up with a gaping hole covered in piss and cum. Hope you enjoy it as much as Tim and I did ;)”

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Fostter Riviera and Koldo bang Hugh Hunter raw at TimTales

TimTales: Hugh Hunter gets pounded raw by Koldo and Fostter Riviera writes:

“Hugh Hunter got the ride of his life with these two young loaded stallions. Koldo and Timtales’ exclusive Fostter Riviera couldn’t be more excited to team up and test this bottomless hunk with their thick raw meat.

After the shoot, I asked Hugh who was the best fucker between the two. He told me that while Koldo fucks harder and like a jackhammer, Fostter is a hit-the-spot, gut-ramming top. Quite the perfect teammates!

From hard pounding to passionate fucking, Hugh got stretched up wide and left with a cum-oozing hole. ”

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Sunny Colucci bottoms for big-dicked Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Sunny Colucci takes Tim Kruger's big dick like a champ writes:

“Sunny Colucci brought with him the first day of summer here in Barcelona. And for Tim, that meant a never ending day of fucking!

They started inside but soon moved to the terrace. Warm winds, hard sun and multiple climaxes.

I’m sure Sunny didn’t expect that endless rampage. He took Tim’s bull cock like a champion, for an entire day!”

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Bogdan Gromov gets fucked by Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron’s big dicks at TimTales

TimTales: Bogdan Gromov gets fucked by Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron's big dicks

Big-dicked studs Tim Kruger and Caio Veyron take turns on Bogdan Gromov’s asshole at

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Newcomer Bogdan Gromov gets fucked by Tim Kruger at TimTales

TimTales: Newcomer Bogdan Gromov bottoms for big-dicked Tim Kruger writes:

“Today we see the Timtales premiere of Bogdan Gromov, our new bottom sweetheart from Eastern Europe.

That cute face, that perfect smooth skin, delicious. Tim was the first to enjoy this handsome young man, Caio came later. Both fell in Love ;-)

Bogdan was nervous at first when he entered our house, but as soon as they started to fuck everything was easy and relaxed. Perfect.”

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Flex Xtremmo pounds Robin Sanchez at TimTales

TimTales: Flex pounds Robin Sanchez

Bodybuilders Flex Xtremmo and Robin Sanchez fuck at

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