Dylan James and Angel Duran sample Tom Faulk’s mouth and ass in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 21: Top Management”

Lucas Entertainment: Dylan James and Angel Duran share Tom Faulk in "Gentlemen 21: Top Management"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Business associates Dylan James and Angel Duran are hanging around the office waiting for Dylan’s package to arrive before they head out after a hard day at work. They keep it professional during the workday, but they are casual fuck buddies after hours.

However, when Tom Faulk shows up as the gay delivery boy, Dylan and Angel decided to take advantage of their office setting — and that involves them having their way with Tom!

Dylan especially takes a liking to Tom, as you can tell when you see how long and hard he fucks the skater-punk’s hole raw.”

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Tom Faulk fucks Sean Duran in NakedSword’s “MXXX – The Hardest Ride, Ep. 1: The Bet Is On”

NakedSword Originals: Tom Faulk fucks Sean Duran in "MXXX - The Hardest Ride, Episode 1: The Bet Is On"
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NakedSword.com writes:

“There’s nothing better than Texas BBQ, especially when it’s served up by the motocross hunks out at Tom Faulk’s place.

Sean Duran arrives with his stripper girlfriend Ahslee (Axle Rose) and things start to go a little crazy. Shots of tequila lead to burnouts on the patio and an impromptu strip show that gives Tom an idea. He bets Sean he can fuck his girlfriend harder than he can and all three head to the moto-barn.

Sean is all in for a tag-team but Ashlee flips the script… she wants to watch them get it on.

Tom and Sean jokingly accept the challenge but it’s clear a little peck on the lips isn’t what Ashlee has in mind. Reluctantly they start to make out and jerk each other off.

Horned up, Sean fucks Tom’s face then gets on his knees to suck his buddy’s dick.

With his cock wet and hard Tom decides to give Ashlee what she really wants and slams his rock hard meat deep in Sean’s muscular ass.

They fuck hard until both guys blow their loads, leaving them both drained and a bit confused. What the fuck just happened?!”

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Tom Faulk and Zane Anders bareback Aston Springs in “Spit Roasted” at RealityDudes

Reality Dudes: Tom Faulk and Zane Anders bareback Aston Springs in "Spit Roasted"
Special Offer from RealityDudes.com
Trail Offer from RealityDudes.com

RealityDudes.com writes:

“Aston is taking on both Zane and Tom’s huge cocks by first giving them one of the best blowjobs of their lives. He gets them so riled up that they can’t wait to spread his fine ass and dive right in. The rest is some of the best threesome fuck-fest you will ever see.”

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Zane Anders, Tobias and Tom Faulk fuck Brandon Evans bareback in “Ladder Fuck” at RealityDudes

Reality Dudes: Brandon Evans gets pounded raw by Zane Anders, Tobias and Tom Faulk in "Ladder Fuck"

RealityDudes.com writes:

“Who knew fucking on a ladder could be so hot?! Apparently these guys did, since they knew exactly what to do when wrapping cum-guzzler Brandon to one and taking turns fucking him raw and breeding him.”

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Trevor Long fucks Tom Faulk in “American Sex Story, Part 3” at Men.com

Men.com: Trevor Long fucks Tom Faulk in "American Sex Story, Part 3"
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Men.com writes:

“Trevor Long receives an unexpected visitor in Los Angeles — a fellow ranch hand from back home: Tom Faulk.

It turns out Tom is looking for the freedom that Trevor gained in LA — he can’t be himself at the ranch back in the country, so he made his way to the city to woo Trevor off his feet and to get some dick.

Trevor welcomes Tom’s ass and fucks his tight hole full of that model-grade cock.”

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Ashton McKay barebacks Tom Faulk in “Dirty Rider 2, Part 1” at Bromo

Bromo: Ashton McKay slams Tom Faulk raw in "Dirty Rider 2, Part 1"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo’s “Dirty Rider” series is back to deliver even better goods with its second installment. Bringing us a new lineup of horny guys starting with Ashton McKay and Tom Faulk.

The guys take a ride in the great outdoors and take a break to properly fuck raw over their ATV.

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Ryan Rose, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods, Tom Faulk and Colby Keller in “Scared Stiff: Episode 4 – Killer Orgy” at NakedSword

NakedSword: Ryan Rose, Seth Santoro, Jack Hunter, Wesley Woods, Tom Faulk and Colby Keller in "Scared Stiff: Episode 4 – Killer Orgy"

Rock Candy Films writes at NakedSword:

“Back at the cabin everything comes to a head when Jake, Tommy, Skip, Lance and Billy decide its time to bolt from the creepy camp. Suddenly the door bursts open and there he is – the Masked Man that has been terrorizing Camp Cum-a-lot – and all hell breaks loose!

What do they do? Do they scream? Do run? Do they fight back? No. THEY FUCK!

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Wesley Woods and Tom Faulk fuck each other in NakedSword’s “Scared Stiff: Episode 3 – Gettin’ Wood”

NakedSword: Wesley Woods and Tom Faulk flip fuck in "Scared Stiff: Episode 3 – Gettin' Wood"

NakedSword.com writes:

“Danger lurks in the shadows as the night grows darker, and colder – these men need to start a fire. Stoner Tommy (Wesley Woods) and Jock Lance (Tom Faulk) brave the forest to find some wood.

After smoking’ major herb the only wood these two horned up studs have is between their legs so they retreat into a nearby tent to start a fire of their own.

Tommy whips out his fat cock for Lance and boy does that jock know how to take one for the team! After exchanging wet sloppy blowjobs and some dripping ass licking, they fuck the hell out of each other in a scorching-hot flip flop that ends in face spattering cum loads.

A horrific shadow outside the tent sends them screaming back to the cabin. They have to warn the other guys – the killer is right outside!.”

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Brad Banks barebacks Tom Faulk in “Cream for Me – A Gay XXX Parody, Part 1” at Bromo

Bromo: Brad Banks fucks Tom Faulk raw in "Cream for Me, Part 1"
Bromo.com Special Offer

Bromo.com writes:

“Tom Faulk thinks he’s home alone when he receives some strange calls. Tom quickly realizes that the calls are coming from the house when a masked man appears. The stranger gets his hands on Tom and quickly undresses him to stretches his ass with a pink dildo.

He then shoves his massive cock deep inside Tom’s awaiting hole and pounds him bareback until he cums all over it.”

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Quentin Gainz gets fucked by Tom Faulk in “STR8 Bait Hostel, Part 2: Mysterious Encounter” at NextDoorStudios

Next Door Studios: Tom Faulk fucks Quentin Gainz in "STR8 Bait Hostel, Part 2: Mysterious Encounter"

Tom Faulk fucks Quentin Gainz in part 2 of Next Door World’s “STR8 Bait Hoster” series.

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