Bishop Hart barebacks Elder Zachary in “Initiation” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Elder Zachary rides Bishop Hart bareback in "Initiation" writes:

“Elder Zachary’s attraction to Bishop Hart couldn’t be denied, leading the handsome leader to bring him immediately into the Order.

Cleaning up the cum from the boy’s body, he led him to a ceremonial room to bless his body and initiate him into the Higher Priesthood’s induction process.

Bishop Hart couldn’t take his hands off the boy as he consecrated him from head to toe. No longer wanting to deny his desires and eager to give himself to the handsome man, Elder Zachary sucks his first cock before getting his virgin boy hole fucked and bred by Bishop Hart.”

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Jean-Luc Bisset barebacks Jordan Faris at Jean-Luc Bisset fucks Jordan Faris bareback writes:

“It is always a challenge for our directors to sculpt an opening for a scene when neither of the boys has a common language. Marty’s solution here was to ask Jean-Luc to perform a strip tease for Jordan.

The result may look like a cheap strip club, but since I’m sure many of you have been to one that you will survive it and it does get both guys in the right mood.

Although usually a bottom, here we get to see Jean-Luc showing us again that he is quite a decent top as well.”

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Jason Sterling creampies Xavier Ryan at BrokeStraightBoys

Broke Straight Boys: Jason Sterling breeds Xavier Ryan

Xavier Ryan is back at to be pounded bareback by Jason Sterling.

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Joaquin Santana gets pounded by Cristian Sam at TimTales

TimTales: Cristian Sam pounds Joaquin Santana

Big-dicked alpha top Cristian Sam fucks Joaquin Santana’s tight hole hard and deep at!

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Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in “The Interview” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Hart jerks off Elder Zachary in "The Interview" writes:

“Elder Zachary’s boyish face and body have attracted the men of the Order, eager to see what kind of recruit he could make. Bishop Hart has been charged with testing the boy’s desires and seeing if he’s a good candidate for service.

Before Hart even touches him, he can see that the boy is becoming aroused. The missionary firmly says he’s not attracted to men, but his body says otherwise.

After tying him up and teasing his cock, Elder Zachary’s denials soon become drowned out by the sound of his moans… and him begging the bishop to cum.”

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Marc Ruffalo fucks newcomer Damian Chapelle raw at BelAmiOnline

BelAmi: Marc Ruffalo barebacks Damian Chapelle
Up to 30% off at BelAmiOnline writes:

“Today’s freshman is Damian Chapelle and we have him paired up here with Marc Ruffalo.

Don’t be too confused with the boy’s banter at the beginning of the clip, the gist is that they thought that they looked enough alike that they could be cousins (it probably has something to do with their noses).

What is not confusing here is the chemistry between the boys once the action starts, with Damian enjoying every second bottoming for Marc.”

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Jeff Mirren barebacks Ben Radcliffe at Jeff Mirren fucks Ben Radcliffe's tight ass bareback writes:

“Ben appears terrified at the scene’s beginning. His nerves were not due to the impending sex but were the result of the beginning interview.

When the sex starts, and you see that he’s as intense as any “old” pro, it’s evident that he’s afraid of speaking, not fucking.

While Ben may look very young, he is 19 years old.”

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Raw threeway fuck with Zach Covington, Jared Marzdon and Justin Dean at BrokeStraightBoys

Broke Straight Boys: Bareback threesome with Zach Covington, Jared Marzdon and Justin Dean

These guys know how to have a good time. Enjoy the kissing, cock-sucking and train fucking action with Jared Marzdon, Justin Dean and Zach Covington at

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Kaden Alexander fucks Ricky Verez bareback in Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz”

Lucas Entertainment: Kaden Alexander bangs Ricky Verez raw in "Gentlemen 22: Jizz Is the Bizz"
Lucas Entertainment Special Offer

At Lucas Entertainment, Ricky Verez learns how to be a good intern by taking Kaden Alexander’s raw dick in his butt!

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Bishop Gibson barebacks Elder Land bareback in “Temple Shower” at MormonBoyz

MormonBoyz: Bishop Gibson fucks Elder Land raw in "Temple Shower" writes:

“Elder Land has been dreaming about Bishop Gibson since he first entered his mission. Now that he’s been initiated into the Order, the handsome bishop is happy to fulfill those fantasies.

The bearded man takes the young boy into the shower where he first imagined his naked body. The two kiss and suck each other before turning on the steamy, hot water.

Bishop Gibson slips his cock inside the boy’s tight hole, showing him that can be reality is better than fantasy!”

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