Christian Wilde fucks Tyler Sweet’s tight ass in “Men Collector, Part 2” at Christian Wilde fucks Tyler Sweet in “Men Collector, Part 2” writes:

Tyler Sweet is the latest to repay a debt he owes the slightly insane collecter of men – Christian Wilde. The hungry twink bottom takes Christian’s huge dick in a number of hot positions.

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Colby Jansen fucks Tyler Sweet’s tight hole in “Son Swap, Part 3” at Colby Jansen fucks Tyler Sweet's tight hole in “Son Swap, Part 3” writes:

“Luke Adams seduced Tyler Sweet’s dad in part 2 of Son Swap and now Luke’s dad, Colby Jansen, is unable to resist a tight young hole.

Tyler doesn’t take no for an answer and gets his twink dick sucked, his twink ass eaten and his horny twink hole fucked deep by Colby’s big daddy dick.”

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Johnny Rapid, Cooper Reed and Tyler Sweet in “Johnny In A Box 2” at writes:

“The sex doll known as Johnny Rapid 2000 first appeared in MEN.COM’s “Johnny in a Box” back in December. Now it’s appearing along with another popular version of the toy: the Tyler Sweet 2000.

Cooper Reed unboxes the amazingly lifelike dolls and pervs out doing every deed imaginableincluding a double penetration of both the Johnny Rapid 2000 and the Tyler Sweet 2000!”

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Colby Jansen fucks Tyler Sweet in “The Crotch Rocket” at Colby Jansen fucks Tyler Sweet in “The Crotch Rocket” writes:

“You’ll call Tyler Sweet “Tyler Smooth” when you see how he seduces his hot biker friend Colby Jansen. Tyler gives Colby a world class blowjob before turning around to get his ass rimmed and fucked by the hard cock he’s been fantasizing about!”

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Rocco Reed fucks Tyler Sweet in “Chemistry Prank” at writes:

“Hilarious prankster Tyler Sweet punks his chem teacher (Rocco Reed) by adding a special dye to some “HOE”-made brownies that cause him to piss blue! When Tyler suggests he may also have blue cum, Rocco decides to drill him in the classroom to find out!”

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Tyler Sweet gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio in “Twink in a Box” at writes:

“TTopher Di Maggio wins an auction bid that has an unexpected bonus inside: Tyler Sweet! Topher wastes no time putting his new friend to use – getting blown then fucking him with his big cock!”

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Bryan Cavallo fucks Tyler Sweet’s tight hole at CollegeDudes writes:

“Bryan Cavallo is a towering figure, especially next to Tyler Sweet. Tyler stands up to Goliath, though, in this hot as hell fuck scene!

Tyler and Bryan make out, and the hot and heavy kissing gets Tyler hard in an instant. He is the kind of guy who loves a big man next to him. Bryan goes right for Tyler’s cock, sucking and licking on it like he is famished for a hot young freshman. Tyler soon has waited long enough, however, and he is next on his knees servicing Bryan’s thick uncut dick. Tyler shows tremendous deep-throating skills, and he handles Bryan’s dick with extra special skill. Bryan, loving the BJ, stands up and feeds his cock to Tyler some more.

Itching to get some dick into Tyler’s ass, Bryan pulls Tyler off his knees and positions him in doggie. After lubing up his big pole, Bryan goes right in. Pounding away, Bryan is in love with Tyler and his hot hole. Tyler wants to ride, though, and soon it is he who has taken control.

He bounces up and down on Bryan’s cock like a champ, going balls deep over and over. Bryan is getting close, so he puts Tyler on a small stool and grabs ahold of Tyler’s ankles.

Fucking Tyler relentlessly, Bryan gives several deep strokes that are just enough to make Tyler bust a huge nut. Bryan is so excited he busts an even bigger load all over Tyler. Hot Fuck!

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Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucks Tyler Sweet’s tight twink ass in “Crush on the Coach 2” writes:

“With a new coach in town, Tyler Sweet is afraid he may lose his position on the team. Fortunately his reputation is well known and coach Zeb Atlas has no problem letting him use his sweet ass to secure his place!”

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Alexsander Freitas pounds Tyler Sweet in “Custodian’s Fury” at writes:

“Tyler Sweet is left to pay the price when the school janitor Alexsander Freitas decides to fight back against disrespectful students. “Custodian’s Fury” is one of the most intense punishment scenes from MEN.COM’s “Drill My Hole” subsite in a while!”

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Brian Bonds fucks Tyler Sweet at PrideStudios writes:

“This week we have two new faces to add to the roster, Mr. Brian Bonds and Tyler Sweet.

The boys are hanging out tossing the basketball around when Tyler tells Brian that basketballs aren’t the only “balls” he plays with. Brian’s willing to bite as he tells Tyler to show him.

Tyler moves in to pull Brian’s shorts down and get his mouth on his sweaty balls. Brian’s cock is getting hard by the second as Tyler laps at his furry balls a bit before taking his thick cock down his throat. He strokes that meaty dick as he chokes it down wanting to get as much of it down his throat.

They then make out a bit before Brian bends Tyler over; strips his shorts off and shoves his tongue deep inside that ass. Tyler gasps as he gets that hole rimmed deep. Once that hole is nice and ready, Brian gets up and aims his rock hard cock at that ass. “Ready for it?” he teases as Tyler just puts that ass in the air.

He slides that dick all the way inside as Tyler groans for more. He rams that dick deep and fast as Tyler goes crazy begging for more. Tyler reaches back and plays with Brian’s pecs and abs as Brian continues to pound his hole. Brian then grabs Tyler by the waist as he turns a bit and falls seated on the couch with Tyler still on his dick.

He then grabs Tyler’s legs and puts them up on either side of him as he pounds that dick up into that ass in a reverse cowgirl position. Missionary is next as Brian gets Tyler on this back and goes right back to slamming that dick inside him. Tyler begs Brian to pound him harder and that does the trick as Brian fucks the cum out of Tyler making him explodes all over himself.

That sends Brian over the edge as well as he busts his huge nut all over Tyler’s smooth abs and chest.”

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