Vance Crawford rides Haigen Sence’s thick dick in “Treat Me Gently” at Vance Crawford rides Haigen Sence in "Treat Me Gently" writes:

“Haigen Sence needs some bro time because of problems with his girlfriend. At first he rejects Vance Crawford’s advances, but submits when Vance makes a good point: maybe the problem is WOMEN. Further proof is provided when Haigen gets off pounding the fuck out Vance’s tight ass.”

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Hot House: Vance Crawford fucks Colt Rivers in “The Club”

Hot House: Vance Crawford fucks Colt Rivers in "The Club" writes:

“Judging from his raging hard-on Colt Rivers really enjoyed his workout. Rivers’ big boner didn’t go unnoticed by Vance Crawford who follows Colt into the locker room, gets on his knees and swallows the young stud’s dick to the base.

Colt fucks Vance’s face until Vance pulls out his own massive meat, giving Rivers the chance to show off his excellent cock sucking skills. Like a true dick-pig, Colt deep-throats Vance’s massive meat but before long he demands that Crawford shove his cock up his ass.

He gets on his knees and opens his hole for Vance who fucks a hot load out of Colt, pulls out, and unloads his own pile of cum all over his buddy’s tight abs.”

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Bryce Evans and Vance Crawford’s hot flip-fuck in “Can’t Keep My Hands Off” at PrideStudios

MenOver30: Bryce Evans and Vance Crawford bang each other in "Can’t Keep My Hands Off" writes:

“Bryce is a great personal trainer and he always pushes his clients to the edge just to see how far they can go until they break or give into his demands. Vance has been worked hard by him and Bryce is looking for a subtle way into Vance’s pants.

Finally Bryce gets his way and drops to his knees and hastily chokes down Vance’s cock. After some great blowing they both flip flop.

It’s really hot watching guys do it all. One second they’re on their knees, next they’re being fucked. These two sexy hunks take it all in and flip the script where they see fit. Enjoy!”

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Haigen Sence and Vance Crawford bang Johnny Rapid in “College John, Part 3” at Johnny Rapid gets tag teamed by Haigen Sence and Vance Crawford in “College John, Part 3”

Johnny Rapid is jerking off to porn in the college john when Vance Crawford and Haigen Sence come in for some oral action.

When Johnny is discovered, Haigen and Vance take turns pumping his tight hole!

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Vance Crawford gets fucked by Tom Faulk in “College John, Part 1” at Tom Faulk fucks Vance Crawford in "College John, Part 1" writes:

“Vance Crawford makes the first move at the college bathroom and Tom Faulk can’t say no! After some hot oral action, Vance hops up on the vanity and shows his hole to Tom who slides his big dick deep inside.”

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Vance Crawford bangs Donnie Dean in “Cheaters, Episode 1: Revenge Sex” at NakedSword

Naked Sword Originals: Vance Crawford fucks Donnie Dean in "Cheaters, Episode 1: Revenge Sex" writes:

“There are some things you can’t get at home. And in NakedSword’s Cheaters, that’s when you get in trouble.

Handsome Vance Crawford has a beautiful wife and a loving family, but “I do” doesn’t mean “I won’t.”

Vance’s boy on the side is Donnie Dean, but when he drops by for a little workout, he finds the bed taken — by Donnie’s passed out party boy boyfriend (Ashton Webber).

But that doesn’t stop Vance, who gets creative and and fucks Donnie in the hallway. And in the mouth. And in the ass.”

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Vance Crawford bottoms for Jack King in Falcon Studios’ “Bucks County 2 – Road to Temptation”

Falcon Studios: Vance Crawford bottoms for Jack King in “Bucks County 2 – Road to Temptation”
Falcon Studios: Vance Crawford bottoms for Jack King in “Bucks County 2 – Road to Temptation” writes:

“Vance Crawford and Jack King cool off by spraying each other with the garden hose. Their horseplay turns to wrestling, and trying to strip each other. A surge of sexual energy and aggressiveness leaves them both naked, and covered with lawn debris. They have crossed the point of no return, when they know they’re gonna fuck. But when and where?

That question is answered when we next see them in the barn with Jack is offering his cock to Vance. Jack has short black hair and dark eyes. Vance has a nice bush and large balls. Vance plays with them before grabbing hold of, and sucking, Jack’s cock. As good as Vance’s mouth feels, Jack wants his ass.

A bale of hay and a horse blanket later, Jack is jamming his cock deep into Vance’s hole. The missionary position gives way to a sit-fuck that showcases Vance’s colorful ink sleeve and a beautifully shaped ass. The sun is setting and sweat is rolling off their bodies when they cum – almost simultaneously – onto Vance’s chest and abs.”

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Vance Crawford pounds Darius Ferdynand in “Pumped” at HotHouse

Hot House: Vance Crawford fucks Darius Ferdynand in "Pumped"
Hot House: Vance Crawford fucks Darius Ferdynand in "Pumped" writes:

“Vance Crawford knows Darius Ferdynand wants his big fat dick so he coaxes the young bodybuilder over to suck it. Following Vance’s explicit instructions Darius squeezes and licks the dominant top’s cock just the way he likes it. Vance decides he wants to wrap his lips around Darius’ dick so he orders him to whip it out.

Darius surprises Vance when he shoves his mammoth meat down his throat and fucks his face. Both chiseled studs love sucking cock but Darius needs to get fucked in the ass.

Vance rams his rock hard 8 inches deep in Darius’ hole and pounds him with all his muscle. Darius gets on his knees so Vance can fuck him deeper until Vance pulls out and cums all over Darius’ backside.

Vance orders Darius to roll over so he can watch him jerk a load out of his huge uncut cock.”

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Vance Crawford fucks Lance Luciano in Falcon Studios’ “Bucks County 1 – Into The Wild”

Falcon Studios: Vance Crawford fucks Lance Luciano in "Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild"
Falcon Studios: Vance Crawford fucks Lance Luciano in "Bucks County 1 - Into The Wild" writes:

“Vance Crawford and Lance Luciano arrive in an SUV. The blue skies, sunshine, balmy air and nothing to do make a potent aphrodisiac. Lance’s unbuttoned shirt seems an invitation to touch his smooth, firm chest. That’s exactly what Vance does, peeling off his own muscle-T at the same time. Vance is paler and slim, with sinewy shoulders, a brightly colored ink sleeve, a ripped torso and a narrow waist with deep cum gutters leading to his bush.

Lance eagerly removes the rest of Vance’s clothes, buries his nose in Vance’s navel then works his mouth south to the veiny, half-hard cock and low-hanging balls that await. The bulge in Lance’s shorts is growing, so Vance helps him out of them. Out pops an enormous uncut cock. It looks good enough to eat and it’s big enough to require two hands and a mouth.

But what Vince really wants is to sink his shaft in Lance’s buns. They fuck in several positions in the back of their SUV, Vance cumming first in powerful jets onto Lance’s chest, then Lance shooting onto the ground. Lance’s full lips invite a kiss, and he gets one.”

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Marcus Ruhl, Jimmy Johnson, Vance Crawford and Cooper Reed fuck Landon Stone in “Not Your Average Tupperware Party” at Landon Stone gets fucked by Marcus Ruhl, Jimmy Johnson, Vance Crawford and Cooper Reed in "Not Your Average Tupperware Party" writes:

“It’s a sex toy party for men! Landon Stone brings the toys and things get out of hand when he gives a demonstration. Cooper Reed, Jimmy Johnson, Marcus Ruhl & Vance Stone get their dicks sucked while fucking Landon’s tight ass. The scene also features some impressive double penetration with each big dick and a sex toy!”

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